With summer season almost around the corner, hobby car, classic car, or sports car owners are planning to take their vehicles out of their garages. No matter which type of car you own, you must follow some critical steps to ensure your ride is ready for the road after a long winter time rest period. Mentioned below is a checklist you must remember before taking your vehicle out of storage.

  • Get your shocks and brake pads examined
  • Clean the interior thoroughly
  • Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear and free from mice
  • Make sure the blinkers, taillights, brights, and headlights are functional
  • Inspect the hoses and wiring. In addition, check for loose connections, cracks, rodent damage etc.
  • Inspect hoses and wiring. It would also help if your checked your car for loose connections, cracks and rodent damage
  • Ensure your vehicle has normal oil levels. It would also help if you got a professional to change the oil right away
  • Check your vehicle for fluid leaks and other signs
  • Ensure there your tires have sufficient air and there aren’t any balding areas, cracks, or bulges.

Inspect the Following Areas after having the Car in Storage

Beneath the Hood

Make sure to always check the battery. The terminals should be clean and have good connection to the rest of the of the vehicle. However, if you connected the battery to a low quality trickle charger, there is a good chance that your battery overcharged. Things like these are quite dangerous and can damage your car in more ways than one, especially if it has a lead acid battery (wet cell).

Suspensions and Brakes

Before bringing your vehicle out of winter storage, check its tailpipe to ensure it is clear. It would also help if you gave your car a bit of time for warming up by letting it run for a while. Avoid putting your car into gear until the idle is smooth. Tapping the pedal brakes before setting out is also a critical step as it helps you determine if the car will drive smoothly.

Consider going for a leisurely drive and keep look out for strange noises. Taking a close look at your dashboard for warning signs can also help you determine if there is something wrong with your car.

Tires and Fluids after Storage

As mentioned earlier, checking your car’s air pressure is arguably the most important step before bringing it out from your garage after a long winter. If the PSI is low, fill it up right away to steer clear from trouble while driving.

While you are checking your tires and it wheels, take a look at your car for fluid leaks and other warning signs. It would also help if you took a close look at the power steering and transmission to ensure your vehicle is good to go.