Too many potholes can damage, sever, break, snap or even bend the components of your suspension. They can also cause a tremendous amount of damage to the bushings and rubber that provide cushion to the metal on metal exposure between the various levers, arms , hubs, springs and joints comprising your car’s front end. In addition, they can also deteriorate your vehicle’s poorly maintained components that can bust your wheels within seconds.

As you drive your car around, many parts bolted to several other things underneath it move simultaneously in a particular arrangement. If you feel your riding experience is not as smooth as it used to be, there is a good sign that your car has hit one too many potholes. If you don’t know how to inspect your car for pothole damage, make sure you take it to a professional auto repair service and get it checked right away.

How to Handle Pothole Damage

If your area has too many potholes, being aware of things you can do to maneuver your way around them can be immensely helpful. Start by maintaining a secure distance between your car and the one you are driving. This way, spotting paved roads and potholes will become remarkably easier, helping you prevent damage.

It would also help if you remained extra cautious when getting close to puddles as they often turn out to be hidden potholes. Unfortunately though, there are some situations where avoiding potholes is next to impossible. In cases like these, it would be best to slow your car down and grip your wheels firmly to remain in control.

If you want to minimize a pothole’s impact on your vehicle, make sure your tires are properly inflated and according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. It would also help if you made sure your cars suspension is in excellent condition as it can endure the wear and tear caused by potholes.

Preventing Tire Blowouts from Potholes

Checking rims and tires on a regular basis is important to steer clear from blowouts. Believe it or not, even the smallest of potholes can cause your tire to burst in the middle of the road. Some strikes can even cause lasting damage to your wheel , which often costs a great deal of money in repairs. To ensure your tires can withstand pothole hits, check its inner and outer sidewalls. In case they are weak, consider replacing them without wasting any time.