Make sure to clear all the snow and ice from the windshield before driving your vehicle. Doing so will help ensure the best visibility possible as you drive. During the winter, make sure that you fully clear off the windows of your vehicle. If there is any ice, snow, or frost, you will want to completely remove this. That way, you will have the best visibility of the road and those around you as you drive. Always remember to scrape away the entire windshield of ice and snow, and not just an area you can see out of.


You will always want to make sure you have good vision of everything around you. To accomplish this, make sure to properly scrape off all the side windows of your vehicle. You will want to look beside or in the next lane if you plan on changing lanes. Make sure the area is free of traffic so you can safely do so. Remember to scrape the rear windshield as well. As you scrape the windows, also remember to remove all the snow and ice from the hood, roof, and trunk of the vehicle. This will help prevent it from blowing off and impairing the visibility of the other drivers around you.


As you get ready to leave, you will want to have enough time to start your vehicle. This can also allow you enough time to help warm it up. Turn on the defrost so the windshield will start warming up. As it warms up on the inside, it will help to make it easier to scrape off the ice and snow from the outside. When you are done scraping, your vehicle will be warmer to be in. It will also help to warm up the oil and other fluids of the vehicle, so it can operate efficiently.