As frozen car doors happen, you will want to be prepared to make sure you know what to do. You will want to make sure that you are careful when having to open the door. If the handle is frozen, yanking and pulling hard on it can lead it to break. You will want to make sure to carefully pull and push the door so that the ice will become loose. You can gently hit around the door frame to help loosen up the ice as well. As this starts to fall off, you can try to pull open the door from the frame. This will help to reduce the amount of strain you have when pulling the handle of the door.

Frozen Doors

If the door still does not open, you will want to try the other door or doors as well. If one does open, you can get into your vehicle and start the car. This will help to warm it up from the inside. Doing so will help the doors become loose as well. If you are in the vehicle, you can open and push the door from there. If the door will not open, you can gently hit around the door frame to loosen it up.


Another way to help loosen the door is to use de-icer on the frame. This can help to melt off the ice that is keeping the door frozen shut. You will also want to use the de-icer around the lock and the handle of the vehicle. This will help it to unfreeze as well. You can also take an ice scraper and gentle remove any chucks of ice or snow that might be around the handle and door frame of the vehicle. One of the best ways to prevent frozen doors is to make sure the vehicle is parked in a garage and out of the harsh winter elements.