The cold temperatures and weather can have a negative affect on your vehicle. One of the most important parts to inspect on the vehicle should be the battery. When it is cold out, this will be affected first. If the vehicle is becoming difficult to start, you may need a new battery. It is best to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you. Besides the battery, you should also make sure to have the starter and alternator inspected as well. No matter what issue you might notice, always make sure to schedule an appointment with us.

Various Parts to Inspect

You will want to check various parts and components for the vehicle. By having this done, you can help reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Notice any issues that your vehicle has while starting. If it is difficult to turn over or makes a clicking noise, you will want to have it professionally inspected. The vehicle may also have issues with the battery if it does not stay running after you start it. Trouble with keeping it running may also mean there is a loose connection or issue somewhere. The terminals should be cleaned as well. If there is any corrosion or rust, make sure that you have it cleaned.


In cold weather, other parts of the vehicle can be affected as well. You will want to check the fluids to make sure they are all topped off. If there is a leak somewhere in the system, you will notice a puddle under your vehicle. It is always a good idea to carry an extra quart of oil or extra windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle. Having this allows you to be able to top off the fluid levels when you need to. This is beneficial incase you run low and are unable to stop to purchase more. Being prepared while on the road can help you incase of an unexpected breakdown.