The belts and hoses for the vehicle should be looked at on a regular basis. These parts will help to keep the vehicle working and operating efficiently. By following regular maintenance for your vehicle, you can help prevent an issue from occurring in the long run. If you are not sure when you should have certain tasks performed, make sure to contact us. This way we can advise you on when these should happen. You can also look in the vehicle owner’s manual for when maintenance should happen. When you follow regular maintenance, you can help keep the vehicle operating in the best condition possible as you drive.

Belts and the Importance

Belts and hoses are an important part in helping making sure that the vehicle runs efficiently. If a belt becomes worn and breaks, then the moving gears under the hood will no longer work correctly. As the belts age, they will be more prone to breaking and snapping unexpectedly. If this happens, it can cause the vehicle to fail suddenly. You may also hear a flapping type sound coming from under the hood when a belt breaks. You can inspect them regularly to see what condition they are in.


Hoses are important because they play a vital part of transferring fluids through the vehicle to keep it running. If a hose is broke or has a hole in it, then fluid can leak out. This will cause further issues in the long run, as well as higher costs. When a fluid leaks, you will need to keep replacing it often. This will then quickly add up. You should also look under your vehicle after it has been parked for any length of time. If there is a puddle, chances are there is a leak somewhere. You will want to check all the fluids to make sure they are still maintaining the correct amount they should have.